What you really need to know prior to deciding to TEFL. So, you’re thinking of obtaining TEFL qualified and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime? You’re in the perfect place! We’ve been assisting people just like you find work instructing English across the globe since 2008. After training more than 120,000 teachers we know how vital is so that it is as ready as possible from the start.

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TEFL is a huge industry; there are thousands and thousands of jobs on the market there are a variety of different programs and program suppliers proclaiming to provide what you ought to secure one of those. Even just starting out can seem a bit overwhelming, which is the reason we have assembled this guide, so you can find out what you really need to know.

Before signing up for any TEFL course, there a few primary areas to look into to make sure that you:

* Choose the right course to suit your needs and spend your cash sensibly.

* Research visa specifications so that you know where you could (or cannot) teach.

* Think about what you would like to get free from the experience, which can help you apply for the ideal roles within the right locations.

When you have finished reading through this article you will be clued up on the above and able to take the first steps within your TEFL journey!

TEFL courses and credentials

In this industry we like an acronym. You could have stumbled upon a couple of already: TEFL, TESOL, ESL, TESL, CELTA, DETLA, for example. But what do each of them imply?

Thankfully, a number of these acronyms refer to exactly the same thing – instructing English to English vocabulary learners. TEFL, TESOL, ESL, and TESL tend to be used interchangeably. If you’d like to learn more about the subject then take a look at our earlier post in which we break all of them lower.

What program should I take?

For most of us a TEFL certification from an approved (more about that soon) and worldwide accepted company is what you should get started teaching English overseas or on the internet.

A TEFL program can be achieved completely online or mix on the web and class room study. At The TEFL Org we run short classroom programs located in places throughout the UK, Ireland, and then in Madrid, in addition to a selection of web based classes.

What about CELTA courses? The CELTA (Certificate in Instructing English to Speakers of Other Dialects) is a month-long, full time or part time intensive course that is highly regarded by companies. It is an expensive option, costing over £1000 and may require you to take a significant amount of time away function. A minority of companies demand a CELTA qualification (the British Authorities, for instance, but you will also need at least 2 yrs of teaching experience as well) and also since pay out scales are usually based upon experience, as opposed to credentials, the CELTA won’t necessarily land you a better compensated job being a initially-time teacher. If you’d want to find out more about about TEFL versus CELTA then take a peek here.

If you have previous experience teaching English but no formal certification then the smaller course might be a lot better for you. You can talk to our TEFL advisers who will be able to talk through your options and suggest the best course to suit your needs!

How much time in case the program be?

Most employers appear for a minimum of a 120-hr qualification, so if you wish to remain in the most effective place to find function then this is what we typically recommend. If you have never taught English prior to then it’s very crucial that you cover sentence structure and TEFL methodology within your program along with a 120-hour certification will ensure that you’re ready for the initial teaching position.

Specialist programs

Thinking about specialising running a business English, teaching young students, or instructing English on the internet? We now have Advanced TEFL programs also, which will get you started in those areas and really increase your CV, but this is some thing you are able to consider signing up for towards the end of your own initial TEFL course.


If you are likely to invest the cash, time, and energy over a program you would like to make sure that the certification will be recognised worldwide – and this is when certification is important. Without having adequate accreditation there is no g; certification is the guarantee the course has become externally evaluated and meets the rigorous recommendations set up by reliable accrediting bodies. There is no single more than-arching certification body for TEFL, so you want to watch out for federal government or federal government-associated body, like Ofqual.

Having a TEFL program you have found for £50 over a discounted website like Groupon might seem a beautiful and price-effective option at first glance, however, if it’s improperly accredited then employers may well not recognise it. At the conclusion of the morning, you tend to get whatever you pay for!

You will be able to find details of a provider’s accreditation on their site and we’d recommend looking at the accrediting bodies outlined (it is been known for some TEFL providers to set up their very own accrediting body and accredit them selves!). You will find information on our own certification right here – we are actually the most certified TEFL supplier within the UK… just saying!


Whilst a TEFL qualification is important for getting a instructing work abroad it is not constantly the sole necessity, so it’s really crucial that you research visas. Visa specifications may differ so much from country to country so you’ll want to ensure that you’re eligible before you decide to set your cardiovascular system over a specific area.

Performing your study indicates you’ll have a clear concept of where you can start to look for function after you have finished your certification and you won’t be dissatisfied to discover you cannot train inside a certain country because you do not possess a level or else you don’t satisfy the age specifications. There can also be restrictions according to citizenship – as an example, South Korea will simply grant visas to citizens from the accepted English-speaking country – so that is another essential factor to look at.

Assistance on the job

How independent are you currently? This is something to take into consideration as some employers offer much more assistance as opposed to others. For instance, it’s typical in particular Asian nations for accommodation to get a part of your agreement and to get help with the visa process. If this kind of support is important to you personally then it will also help limit the nations that you would seek work – and if it’s not it may open some exciting locations that may be off of the outdone monitor and require a greater amount of independence!

A fantastic choice if you are searching for many assistance throughout your initially TEFL place is an internship. We manage a Semester Instructing Place in Vietnam, including complete TEFL coaching, accommodation, residing allowance, orientation and in-country support.

Require a search through our TEFL Jobs Centre to have a concept of what is available from companies in particular places.

What are your goals?

This is a great concern to inquire about yourself on the very begin. As an example, if it’s money and you are trying to find a work that will permit you to conserve whenever possible then you’ll wish to research where very best-paid TEFL tasks are. If you are seeking to supplement your overall earnings then you might like to look into instructing English online or offering one-to-one vrcovc nearby. If you have a more altruistic goal then there are volunteer opportunities in the home – it is possible to get in touch with nearby organisations working with refugee and asylum seekers to see if they require English instructors, or look for volunteering opportunities overseas.

If your goal is to travel and see just as much around the world as possible then perhaps the way of life from the TEFL electronic nomad is perfect for you! David, one of our course graduate students, shows English online and trips around the globe- you can read his story here.

If you are not really sure what you need to escape TEFL then that’s alright! There are various options with regards to finding make use of a TEFL certification, so spend some time doing a little bit of research (you are looking over this article, so great begin!) and you can always talk with our TEFL experts that will be happy to help.

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