Medical air systems are a essential part of all hospitals and many other healthcare facilities. The engineer should think about cost, capacity, actual physical size and weight, space restrictions, and mechanical and electrical utility availability in selecting a system for a particular project. You should coordinate the equipment options with the proprietor along with other engineering and architectural disciplines.

The very first priority is life safety. Medical atmosphere is used for respiratory therapy and calibration of medical devices for respiratory application. Providing clean, essential oil-free atmosphere is mandatory. The diaphragm compressor really should not be employed to provide air for any other objective (e.g., medical center laboratory use) due to the possibilities for contamination in the distribution system. In case a patient inhales medical air polluted by essential oil from the defunct compressor or nitrogen coming from a brazing purge, the consequences might be permanent. Additionally, a power or pipeline shutdown should be synchronised with the hospital employees to stop an accidental services termination whilst patients are attached to the system. Designers should know about the prerequisites before creating any medical gasoline system.

Distribution Systems

Medical compressed atmosphere techniques has to be made to prevent the development of pollutants or fluid in to the pipeline. Medical air techniques should:

• be provided from cylinders, bulk storage containers, or medical atmosphere compressor sources; or reconstituted from o2 USP and oil-totally free, dried out nitrogen

• meet specifications from the medical air

• include no detectable fluid hydrocarbons

• include fewer than 25 ppm gaseous hydrocarbons

• contain 5 milligrams/m3 or less of permanent particulates size 1 micron or larger at typical atmospheric pressure.

In a common fully functioning healthcare center, the medical air is supplied by way of a high-stress cylinder manifold system or a medical air compressor system. Manifold distribution techniques typically are utilized in services who have hardly any need for medical air. Medical atmosphere compressor plants typically are for bigger facilities.

Current services might want to update their equipment and connected pipeline or include medical air vegetation as the center expands. When selecting a piece of gear for a new facility, the chance of long term growth should be considered. To permit for future development, it is actually good practice to become conservative in sizing a system.

Duplex Medical Atmosphere Compressor Source Techniques

An engineer generally has more options readily available when building for a new center than for a remodelling or substitute task. Electric and mechanised utilities could be quicker calculated, and chilled water, air flow, and electrical services could be sized and adequately located. The best schematic design contains a properly-ventilated, readily available mechanical space committed to medical gas gear.

In selecting a medical atmosphere compressor for the update, the engineer might have some trouble as a result of mechanical power inefficiencies (e.g., poor ice cold water high quality, a badly ventilated mechanical room). The regional electrical utility may not secure the water pump set up, or bad gear access may require breakdown of gear parts with a substantial cost improve. It is important to perform comprehensive surveys in the surrounding mechanical room and utilities before identifying the best kind of oxygen compressor for your project.

It is a wise decision to pick greater than one kind of compressor on the schematic design phase. You ought to develop a master plan that shows existing demand and estimated extra capacity. The homeowner might want to get a price estimation before you make a final decision.

Varieties of Compressors

All medical atmosphere compressors must have the capacity to provide compressed atmosphere that does not include oil. This article particularly works with medical atmosphere systems for Degree 1 medical centers.

You will find three acceptable types:

• Oil-free compressors: These reciprocating compressors do not have essential oil movie on surfaces subjected to air being compressed. They are doing have essential oil in the machine and need splitting up in the essential oil-containing area from your compression chamber by at least two seals. The interconnecting shaft and seals should be noticeable without disassembling the compressor.

• Oilless compressors: These reciprocating or rotary-scroll compressors do not have essential oil in the machine. Lubrication has limitations to seal off bearings.

• Fluid diamond ring water pump: These rotary air compressor pumping systems have a water seal off. Our recommendation is that a heat exchanger be utilized to save seal water.

Medical atmosphere compressor vegetation ought to be size to offer maximum determined demand when the largest compressor is out of service. In an efficient design of a larger system (i.e., three pumps or maybe more), each compressor is size to take care of an equal portion of the peak demand and create redundancy. There never ever should be less than two compressors.

Item Equipment

Several bits of mechanised equipment accompany the medical air compressor system:

• Intake: The compressor’s air consumption should be found outdoors, previously mentioned roofing degree, and at least 10 ft from any doorway, window, other intake, or other opening. Intakes should be turned down, screened, and designed with consumption filter mufflers. These filter systems eliminate huge amounts of particulates (microscopic particles of strong or fluid issue suspended in the atmosphere) and pollutants at the compressor inlet.

• Atmosphere receiver: The role of the atmosphere receiver would be to shop atmosphere and equilibrium pressure variants. It must use a full-size get around as well as a manual and automatic deplete to eliminate any gathered condensate. It must meet American Society of Mechanical Designers ( ) Area 8 boiler and pressure vessel building specifications. The recipient is size based upon system demand, compressor dimension, and compressor running times.

• Compressed atmosphere dryer: The clothes dryer is utilized to get rid of water vapor through the atmosphere stream. At the very least, it must be a duplex system valved to allow one device to get maintained. Dryers needs to be of the desiccant twin-tower type, sized for completely of determined load at design problems. They must be ranked for 32°F (0°C).

• Duplex final filters: These should be rated for completely system capacity, with a minimum of 98Percent effectiveness at 1 micron or better. The filtration system should be built with a visual indicator showing the rest of the filtration system component life.

• Medical air regulators: Regulators control pressure from the atmosphere system. They should be size for 100% from the system’s peak determined demand at design problems. Pressure regulators ought to be set to supply the most distant electric outlet with 50-psig medical air.

• Alarm sensors: A medical air compressor should have alarm detectors found nearby where they could be continuously supervised by medical center staff. Typical alarm systems are for high stress, reduced stress, and other trouble (e.g., lead/lag water pump procedure, high temperature, higher dew point, carbon monoxide). Additional alarm signals could be added dependant upon the form of compressor and also the owner’s choice.

• Anti–vibrations mountings: These should be supplied for your oxygen generator, receiver, and dryers, as essental to the manufacturer.


Medical atmosphere piping is size according to the determined stream rate in cubic ft a minute (cfm). Compressed atmosphere piping is constructed of brazed type-L copper prepared for oxygen services. The piping should be pitched toward the central herb, have drain pipes at reduced factors and it should be valved and recognized.

The stream rate for medical atmosphere shops typically is 1 cfm. The pipeline stream rates are calculated by counting the number of connected medical air shops and applying a use aspect. The stream rate from the total quantity of outlets is called the complete linked load. Simply because not every outlets are usually utilized concurrently, a simultaneous use aspect should be put on decrease the system flow price. The pace is then applied to the sizes of the pipeline and compressors. The American Society of Plumbing related Designers ( ) has created a desk that quantifies medical atmosphere usage in different areas of a healthcare facility.

When the total connected weight has been determined and also the use aspect has become used, the primary pipeline and compressor equipment could be successfully sized and selected.

To sum up, engineers need to take treatment when sizing and specifying medical atmosphere gear to meet the requirements from the health care center and its individuals. Before you begin a task, be sure to review the specifications hzcilb to medical gasoline techniques of the very recent rules. The information available and technology are developing every day, which is the engineer’s obligation to be informed.

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