Is the lottery fixed? Is there really a method to “cheat” your way to winning a big jackpot? How are a few people able to win multiple times, when others will go a lifetime without winning once? In the following paragraphs we will take a fast and simple look at a weird way that many multiple winners use to pick numbers which make it APPEAR like the 파워볼게임 is rigged, going in! (when in actuality, it’s the players who are doing magical things by themselves) Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a good look below!

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I used to be a stone cold skeptic if it arrived at the concept that someone could predict a potential event using dreams, or visualization or psychic intuition for any kind. What changed my mind? The bizarre, but very TRUE simple fact that the majority of the people that have won the lottery several times, or have already been recurring winners, have claimed the this type of intuitive insight has helped them “divine” the right numbers before they were picked.

As an example?

A UK 80 years old grandmother who has won more lotteries, drawing and games of chance than ANYONE could imagine, who has used a very simple dream journaling strategy, combined with the idea that she truly believes the future can be observed ahead of time. (using what she calls the strength of precognition, or the concept that every one of us can actually see future events with more experience, using a combination of meditation and artistic writing)

Now, remember: (this is very important)

This does NOT mean that this 나눔로또파워볼 is fixed, or is a gimmick, or is rigged to the advantage of anyone at all. Instead, exactly what it suggests is there are ways in which ordinary people can use creative techniques to improve their odds of obtaining the numbers right, beforehand…so that it almost appears too good to be real.

Remote viewing, for example…is another seemingly “psychic” skill for predicting a variety of items that SOUNDS impossible to know, but by tapping in to the great universal informational field around us all, can be accessed with amazing ease.

For example?

Do you know that the CIA used this exact same way of “spying” on other countries? (Operation Stargate, famous for coining the phrase “psychic spies”)

Or that people have been using all kinds of mental gymnastics to do incredible things, including reading numbers hidden in sealed envelopes, THOUSANDS of miles out and about?

All hard to believe, yet all very true! Our minds are truly the most innovative bit of machinery in the universe, and we’re only now finding out how to truly make use of them.

The good thing is, in case you are already great at picking numbers, or already have a good strategy for 파워볼 of chance, by using these style tools and methods can be an incredible approach to improve your likelihood of picking winners, even hxjscn you think it may sound crazy right now! (Trust me, in the event that your intuition is starting that will help you pick winning combinations that WIN more frequently, you’ll thank me later for pointing it!)

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