I really like hamburgers. Anyone that knows me, knows this. There is just something regarding a seasoned patty of beef between two slices of toasted bread, with cheese and other assorted toppings that makes me salivate like Homer Simpson. So it’s from a labor of love i list the very best hamburgers served at chain restaurants across the nation. It’s best not to list them in any particular order as I would hate to start a war.

Red Robin – A national chain, they promise to offer “Gourmet Hamburgers,” and it’s not too not even close to the facts. They start having a ½ pound Angus beef patty then it’s a king-sized selection of how you want to buy garnished. Try a Banzai, a Guacamole Bacon or Prime Chophouse to start out. Or invent your own combination. Oh yeah, they have unlimited fries. You have been warned.

whataburger near me – Originally a Texas chain, Whataburger has spread with the South and it making its way North. The burger is definitely an approximately 5″ wide, pressed-flat, ¼ fresh beef patty that if cooked perfectly, has a slight crispiness around the edges. What sets it apart is really the bread, also fresh and toasted perfect. Plus they serve fries through the bag!

White Castle – In case you have a Castle in your neighborhood, perhaps you are surprised to find out this on the list. But if you don’t, absence helps make the heart grow fonder (I swear.) The “Original Slider” is a relatively small burger, about 2″ square. It provides grilled onions, pickles and it is served on a dinner roll. A burger you order in sets of four to five, it really is a perfect ending to a evening of bar hopping.

Five Guys – Were only available in Virginia in the 80’s, Five Guys is currently nationwide and thank goodness for your. It’s all about “fresh” and “peanuts” along with them. The beef is definitely fresh (no freezers in the store) and seasoned to perfection. They use peanut oil for your fries and offer free peanuts to customers while they wait. Although just a little expensive to a chain, in this particular case you get whatever you purchase, absolutely delicious.

whataburger menu – Primary a western US chain, Fatburger is quickly spreading east. The burgers are ordered like t-shirts; S- – Fresh Light On A Pertinent Point..L (2.5oz – 24oz.) Delicious? You bet! Bigger doesn’t always mean better, however in this case… it does. The shakes and fries are good, but it’s the burger that brings you back.

Steak ‘n Shake – National chain of round-the-clock restaurants having a 50’s diner feel, S ‘n S serves a fantastic, thin hamburger that can force you to order a second. The fries are a little underwhelming, but the burgers (and chili, and shakes, and baked beans) replace with it. Hmm, a chili burger?

Cheesecake Factory – I know, you actually didn’t expect to see that one here. Well, unless you’ve had the Farmhouse Burger, that is certainly. 8 ounces of beef, with all the current fixings. Then add pulled pork and a fried egg on the top! Unbelievably good and enough calories for any month. Totally well worth the extra cash on the special event.

whataburger – I said I wouldn’t pick a favorite, but… In-N-Out will be the king of all fast food burgers inside my humble opinion and it truly saddens me there isn’t one within 500 miles of here. A western chain, In-N-Out serves a small menu but they allow it to be right. Delicious, seasoned beef patties and fresh buns are key, but it’s the entire package which make it special. Fantastic fries and superior customer service ensure it is complete. The next occasion you’re gpnori Vegas…

So that’s my list, however i guarantee you that it must be a continuous evaluation with updates ahead. Have you got a favorite burger which i may have overlooked? Leave a comment below!

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